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City: 280.71 km2


City: 586,600

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+49 023


Mayor: Thomas Westphal

Thomas Westphal


Thomas Westphal has been the mayor of the German city of Dortmund since November 2020. Westphal is an economist with extensive experience in finance, economics and EU policies. This ambitious leader describes his vision for Dortmund as a "big city of neighbours". Thanks to the hard work he is putting in, this vibrant German city is constantly growing and establishing itself as one of the prime locations for technology, digitalisation, and education. Westphal was born in Lübeck, the second-largest city on the German Baltic coast. He studied economics at the Hamburg University for Economics and Politics. After graduating and gaining his first experience in politics, he moved to Dortmund in 1996. Until 2010, he held various management positions at businesses in the Ruhr area and Baden-Württemberg. Later in 2013, he took over the position of managing director of Dortmund's Economic Development Agency, gaining valuable experience which also played a part in shaping his dreams for the future of the city. As mayor of Dortmund, one of Westphal’s main goals is for the city to keep up with the times, while at the same time preserving its original spirit. Elected amid the coronavirus pandemic, which is one of the biggest global crises in the recent past, mayor Westphal voiced confidence in the city's ability to recover and become even safer, more appealing, and livable. The topics of digitalization, education, housing, mobility, cohesion and economy were central for mayor Westphal during the 2020 elections. Dortmund continues to achieve amazing results in all of these areas, positioning itself as a role model for other German and European cities. These achievements are best portrayed by awards and recognitions the city of Dortmund has won under the leadership of mayor Westphal. In 2021, The European Commission named Dortmund as the European Capital of Innovation. The award acknowledges cities' long-term efforts to foster a climate that encourages and inspires creativity. This prestigious award was given in recognition of Dortmund’s exceptional innovation environment, which it has built in recent years. Once an industrial city, Dortmund has experienced significant changes and has managed to transform itself into a modern, sustainable, and multicultural city where technology and innovation are blooming. While maintaining a connection with its strong industrial heritage, the city is now focusing on some of today's most pressing challenges, including global warming and climate change. Today, the city is home to numerous innovative start-ups entrepreneurs. Thanks to the outstanding efforts of mayor Westphal, Dortmund continues to thrive on every level, ensuring a better future for all of its residents. (photo credit: wikimedia)


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Dortmund is the third-largest city of Germany's most populous federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia after Cologne and Düsseldorf. It has a population of 586,600 (2017). It is the largest city (by area and population) of the Ruhr, Germany's largest urban area with some 5.1 million (2011) inhabitants, as well as the largest city of Westphalia.

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