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Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt am Main
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City: 248.31 km2


City: 746,878

Postal zone

60306–60599, 65929–65936

Area code(s)

+49 (0)69


Mayor: Peter Feldmann

Peter Feldmann


Frankfurt is one of Germany’s most modern cities which has gained fame as the country’s business and financial capital. Led by mayor Peter Feldmann, however, the city is achieving huge achievements in other areas as well. Born in Helmstadt in 1958, the Lord Mayor of Frankfurt am Main has a bachelor's degree in political science and a master's degree in social sector economics. Ever since assuming office back in 2012, mayor Feldmann has been working hard to strengthen infrastructure, promote economic development, and address key social issues that foster an inclusive, open, and collaborative spirit. Nowadays, Germany’s fifth-largest city is not only characterized by skyscrapers and top-tier financial institutions, but also by its welcoming climate, tolerance, and openness. Mayor Feldmann’s primary areas of involvement include working with children and youth, ensuring the quality of life for the elderly, and providing care for the unemployed. Thanks to his amazing leadership, Frankfurt manages to maintain the reputation of a city with a very high standard of living that people from around the world are constantly flocking to. In 1988, he became the Managing Director of the youth organization "Die Falken," where had the opportunity to work with children and young people on topics such as democracy, social justice, equality, and societal change. His desire to lead the change continued over the next six years, when he led the Training and Youth Center in Frankfurt's Bonames district, with a particular emphasis on certification programs for disadvantaged youth. As mayor of Frankfurt, Feldmann remained committed to issues of social justice and equality and is still actively working on eliminating child poverty. As a city with a strong international and multicultural reputation, Frankfurt is also taking part in numerous campaigns and initiatives which aim to prevent discrimination and make sure that everyone feels welcome. Furthermore, the city is also working hard to improve its international image by hosting large-scale events such as the European Football Championships which Frankfurt will be hosting together with nine other German cities in 2024. Mayor of Frankfurt also focuses on urban development with the goal of making the city an even more attractive location to live. Ensuring affordable housing, while at the same time improving transportation conditions and increasing the number of green areas remain some of the top priorities for mayor Feldmann.  Thanks to his vast experience and amazing leadership skill, mayor Feldmann manages to find a perfect balance between maintaining Frankfurt’s strong business and economic strength, while at the same making sure that living conditions in the city are negatively impacted. (photo credit: wikimedia)

Frankfurt am Main

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Frankfurt (officially: Frankfurt am Main) is a metropolis and the largest city of the German federal state of Hesse. In 2017, Frankfurt had a population of 746,878 inhabitants, what made it the fifth-largest city of Germany after Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, and Cologne.

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