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City: 581,980

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+49 (0)341


Mayor: Burkhard Jung

Burkhard Jung


Burkhard Jung has been serving as mayor of Leipzig since 2006. The Siegen-born politician is the 21st mayor of Leipzig, Germany's eighth most populous city and nowadays an important economic center. In an interview with Cities Today, Jung stated that he had developed an interest to become mayor during his term as a Deputy Mayor for Youth and Education. He also stated that being able to successfully reduce the unemployment rate in Leipzig from 22% to 6% by collaborating with many actors from all levels and areas had been one of his greatest achievements. At the same time, Jung has been president of the Association of German Cities since 2019, an organization that represents the interests of cities in Germany. Mayor Jung is a highly devoted leader whose ambitious targets are likely best portrayed by the Leipzig 2030 programme. The Strategic Vision for Leipzig 2030 establishes the framework for the city’s urban development. Furthermore, the Integrated Urban Development Concept is built around the Strategic Vision for Leipzig 2030. It focuses particularly on the key tasks and challenges that must be overcome on the path to long-term growth. One of the main priorities is for all Leipzig residents to continue to feel comfortable and prosperous in the growing city of Leipzig, and for the environment and natural livelihoods to be preserved and improved. Equally important, the strategy aims to improve opportunities for civic engagement, citizen participation, and communication so that Leipzig residents can continue to actively support and shape the city. Mayor Jung and the city of Leipzig are equally committed to social issues. In 2021, a series of online events was launched under the theme ‘’Leipzig – City of Social Movements’’. Social trends that advance urban society were regularly highlighted throughout the year. Major changes throughout Leipzig's history were often a result of socio-dynamic processes triggered by crises and political controversies. Nowadays, the city has established a reputation as a modern and progressive European city. Its strong reputation is additionally boosted by numerous partnerships and corporations with cities from around the world. Mayor Jung is also vice president of Eurocities, a network of large cities in Europe that serves as a platform for exchanging ideas and experiences. In November 2021, Leipzig hosted the annual meeting of the Eurocities network. Progressing toward a greener, more digital, and more just future in cities was the primary topic of Leipzig's conference. Hosted by mayor Jung, this important event addressed some of the most urgent issues Europe is facing but also looked ahead to a more sustainable future. (photo credit: wikimedia)


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Leipzig is the most populous city in the German federal state of Saxony. With a population of 587,857 inhabitants as of 2018 (1.1 million residents in the larger urban zone), it is Germany's eighth most populous city.

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