About us

Mayors of Europe

By connecting local governments from all the EU countries, the platform mayorsofeurope.eu follows, compares and promotes best practices, positive examples and experiences of local policies and closely monitors mayors’ work with intent to seek and gather first-hand information directly from the mayors.

Through articles, interviews, video posts, fun facts and more, mayorsofeurope.eu brings you everything you need to know regarding all the EU’s cities in one place.

It is intended to all the EU cities/municipalities (no matter how large or small) to inform their citizens and other local/regional/European colleagues, institutions and companies about their achievements, successful projects and future plans.

Furthermore, the platform mayorsofeurope.eu is also designed for ministries, government leaders, EU institutions, public companies, banks, investment funds, HTL, consulting companies and all the others who want to reach their target people in the easiest, fastest and most direct way.

Why take part?

•To keep in touch with all the relevant news throughout different sectors

•To create deeper understanding of local developments across Europe

•To share positive experiences, examples and knowledge within the EU countries

•To promote cross-border cooperation

•To learn about the key people who lead EU municipalities and about all the relevant institutions

•To reach common goals and solutions

•To bring together different cultures and nations

•To stay connected – be a part of the key EU platform which brings together all the mayors of Europe in one place

If you also wish to show others how your Mayor and the city administration are successfully setting even higher standards appropriate for people living in the city and how you are constantly fighting for excellence and competitiveness, get in touch at info@mayorsofeurope.eu!

Judy, Dublin

I love my hometown, and this is a great place where I can get relevant info about what is going on in the city. I also like to travel, and I found a lot of cool facts about other cities, so planning a new trip will be much easier now.

Edgar, Berlin

Nice way to keep an eye on people who are in charge of Berlin. And it's good to see all this good news for a change. Maybe our mayor will get some good ideas from this site. Good way to connect city officials and residents.

Helena, Amsterdam

I always wanted to know what is going on in other cities in Europe, especially when it comes to reducing traffic, pollution and urban planning. And this is the place to go. Lots of info and cool facts. Keep it up.