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Cities – our neverending transforming ecosystems  

Half of humanity – 3.5 billion people – lives in cities today and 5 billion people are projected to live in cities by 2030. By 2050. 70% of the world population is predicted to live in urban settlements.

Progressive urban habitats become even more crucial every single day. Cities are hubs for innovations and investments with growing opportunities, but at the same time they are also living laboratories forced to confront challenges of increasing complexity. The role of cities is central in global debates regarding economic future, social stability and climate change.

What and who makes a city resilient, liveable and sustainable for the long term – has become an increasingly critical question.


citiesWho will lead the cities of future?

Only resilient and knowledgeable leaders with clear and purposeful impact city’s trajectory.

Leadership is crucial in encouraging individuals and communities to take action during challenging times. A committed city government that takes decisions on the basis of sound evidence enables a city to thrive from day to day, and to respond to global challenges we are facing across the world.

Inclusive governments recognize the importance of grassroots knowledge to help them understand local challenges, and they value the research and innovation that universities and businesses can contribute to solve city problems. By encouraging cross sector cooperation, resilient cities are better able to coordinate people and access private resources and support during times of need.


How Mayors of Europe contributes to accelerated impact across Europe


togethernessWe build bridges among all European mayors, leaders of the cities and communities so they can learn from each others best practices. 

Mayors of Europe is on the mission to become everyday ally to each and every European mayor helping them deal with global challenges transformed into smarter policies for their fellow citizens.

  • Our analyses serve to develop a deeper understanding of the evolution of the global societal transformation.
  • Our researches serve to provide a fact base that contributes to decision making on critical management and policy issues.
  • We employ the analytical tools in order to help local governments to understand where they stand on the long run UN Sustainable goals.

We publish fact-based insights from across Europe that help inform European leaders and policy decisions on a daily basis.


Who do we work for?

In the center of our focus are people.

We care about how people feel living in the cities and we monitor how the transformation of cities impacts on the quality of life for every and each inhabitant.

Mayors of Europe opens dialogs with mayors of all cities and communities across Europe about topics of fundamental importance in our mutual near future bringing to their attention measurable results of their achievements and inspire them to go beyond when it comes to:

  • demographic changes
  • sustainability and resilience
  • climate change and green transition
  • circular economy and innovation driven economy
  • smart cities and digital transformation
  • clean energy and mobility
  • gender equality, age diversity and overall inclusion
  • formal education, reskilling and long-life learning
  • the overall wellbeing

Our Team

Vanja Sertic

Founder and Chairman of the Board
Alliance of European Mayors

Mario Aunedi Medek

Co Founder
Alliance of European Mayors

Zdravko Ivic

Co Founder and Senior Analytical Expert
Alliance of European Mayors

Svetlana Tesic

Co Founder and Public Affairs
Alliance of European Mayors

Marko Ersek Filipcic

Executive Director
Alliance of European Mayors

Ivan Fischer

Editor in Chief

Tom Medek

PR and Social Media Manager
Alliance of European Mayors

Igor Knez

Statistical Analyst

Nikola Kis

Research Journalist

Ines Stary

Membership Manager
Alliance of European Mayors