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Inspirational changes for a better Europe

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I’m the first female mayor of Paris in history.
I’m aware of all challenges.

Anne Hidalgo

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Anne Hidalgo

Anne Hidalgo, the Mayor of Paris, have dedicated her career to Paris since almost 20 years, by working with former Mayor Bertrand Delanoë, before being elected in 2014.
Born in Spain, Hidalgo, she grew up in Lyon and became a French citizen at the age of 14 in 1973. After graduating in Lyon and Paris she worked as a labor inspector before a series of specialist jobs at the Ministry of Labor. A member of Socialist Party since her youth, she worked as an advisor at a succession of government ministries from 1997-2001.
Following her 2001 election to Paris City Council, she became a Deputy Mayor in the administration led by Bertrand Delanoë.

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City of the month

Under the guidance of mayor Anne Hildago, Paris is transforming into one of the greenest European capitals.
Her office has been fighting against pollution for a long time by gradually limiting the city’s exposure to the most polluting vehicles and reducing parking spaces in the streets. So, less noise and less traffic makes the city even more attractive to tourists and Parisians.
Final vision? For Paris to become a green city where everyone can breathe fresh air, share open space and enjoy their lives.