The 26-years old mayor of Ravenna, Michele de Pascale, is a great example of a politician who keeps on going toward green policies and implementing green strategies throughout the city. 

Earlier in June 2021, mayor Pascale announced that Ravenna will be home to the largest Co2 storage centre in the world. He stated: “This declaration gives us great pleasure and we are ready to welcome all opportunities, but seriousness and concrete projects are needed. Ravenna with its very high know-how, infrastructure, technologies, skills and relationships acquired in over 60 years of experience in the energy supply chain and the circular economy, can apply to represent the Italian hub for green energy”.

Mayor of Ravenna continued: “It is no coincidence that in Ravenna is the headquarters of Omc and Rem, international events which cover the subject of energy and the green economy that attract dozens of participating countries from all over the world. For several years, we have been working in coordination with institutions, economic activities and trade unions to make Ravenna a technological center for research and production of sustainable energy, with a view to a gradual decarbonisation and energy transition”.



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Ever hoped there would be a place in your neighbourhood where you can finally take that ragged old sofa you’ve been looking to get rid of for ages? Thanks to an innovative circular economy project launched in the French city of Nice, that has now become a reality for the residents of the city’s Les Moulins district – but there’s much more to it.



The youngest Germany’s mayor is Oxford University Alumni

Modern day societies around the world are faced with numerous issues: from reducing health inequalities to fighting climate change. Can science be used for developing public policies? How willing are our leaders to rely on it in their decision-making? The German town of Tengen is a living proof of what can be achieved with a new generation of young leaders who understand that science and effective public policies should go hand in hand.

Tengen is a German town located in the province of Baden-Württemberg. With some 4,600 inhabitants, this town takes a very special place on the map of Germany. Since 2015, Tengen has been home to the youngest German mayor, Marian Schreier. Schreier turned 25 just three weeks before election day, the legal minimum age to run for mayor in Germany. 


The fast-changing nature of the world we live in is particularly challenging because democratic processes are quite slow – they’re not designed to match the speed of events that we are witnessing outside. This is further compounded by resource constraints, both in terms of limited budgets and finite natural resources

Mayor of Tengen Marian Schreier