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City and municipality: 109.1 km2


City and municipality: 293,642

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+34 986


Type: Mayor–council
Body: Concello de Vigo
Mayor: Abel Caballero

Abel Caballero


Abel Caballero is a Spanish professor of Economics and mayor of Vigo since 2007. Born in 1946 in Puenteareas, Abel Caballero showed great interest in politics since his youth. This passion drove him to establish himself as an accomplished politician over the years. He enrolled into University of Vigo, where he studied and graduated in the Department of Law. He continued his studies at University of Santiago de Compostela, where he started his PhD studies. Soon after, he obtained a scholarship for Cambridge University, where he finalized his PhD. He stayed in the United Kingdom for some time, obtaining a Master's degree in Economics from the University of Essex. After his return to Spain, Abel Caballero started both his career as professor and politician. He was employed by several Spanish and European Universities as professor, now being a regular professor at University of Vigo. During his youth and his later college years, Abel Caballero developed a passion towards the sea. He was interested in ships and particularly the navy. Over the years, he was honored with the title of officer in the Merchant Navy of Spain. His first steps as politician began in 1980s, when he got named Minister of Transport, Tourism and Communication. After his term as Minister, Abel Caballero was a member of Congress of Deputies. He was representative of two provinces over the years, finally resigning from this position in 1997. After his time in national politics, Abel Caballero turned to local matters of Vigo. He was named president of the Vigo Port Authority in 2005, because of his extensive knowledge in this area. From this position, Abel Caballero started to prepare his candidacy for upcoming municipal elections. In 2007 municipal elections, Abel Caballero was elected for his first term as mayor of Vigo. Through his extensive strategies and policies, he was able to establish the basis for his future plans. Since these elections, Abel Caballero was re-elected for the position in 2011, 2015 and 2019. In the 2019 municipal elections, Abel Caballero achieved an absolute majority. His influence and popularity in the region enabled mayor Caballero to be elected as president of the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces in 2015. This organisation promotes greater involvement of local administration in decision-making. Furthermore, he was named the first president of the Metropolitan Area of Vigo in 2016, confirming his position in 2020. In recent years, Mayor Caballero established several important projects throughout the city. The Sunset Dock project, one of the most notable actions done by mayor of Vigo, started in 2019. It aims at the enhancement of sustainability in the Port of Vigo. This project has several goals, three main ones being recovery of marine ecosystems in the port area, promoting awareness for ecosystems and, most importantly, the reduction of carbon emissions. (photo credit: wikimedia)


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Vigo is a city and municipality in the province of Pontevedra in Galicia, northwest Spain. It is the most populous municipality of Galicia, the 14th in Spain, and the most populous Spanish municipality that is not a provincial capital. It had a population of 292,817 in 2016.

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