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José Antonio Serrano Martínez


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Municipality: 881.86 km2


Municipality: 447,182

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+34 968 / 868


Mayor: José Antonio Serrano Martínez

José Antonio Serrano Martínez


Murcia is a vibrant, fast growing city in southern Spain, known for amazing food, fascinating history, and magnificent baroque architecture. José Antonio Serrano Martínez has been the mayor of Murcia since 2021 and is very determined to make this Spanish city thrive further.  Serrano Martínez is a Spanish doctor, professor and politician who was born in Puente Bacons. According to El Diario, Serrano has combined his work as a councilor in the capital's City Council with his role as the head of the Morales Meseguer Hospital's Emergency Service, which he also helped set up when it first opened. Serrano is no stranger to the world of politics. His outstanding knowledge and expertise in the field of medicine proved particularly useful during the coronavirus outbreak, which was one of the biggest global crises we have witnessed in the recent past. He worked as a doctor in Peru’s capital Lima during a cholera epidemic in the 1990s and is still connected to Doctors Without Borders.   He has always been interested in social participation, and as a young man, he was one of the founders of the Puente Tocinos youth center. Serrano is well-versed in Murcia and has a soft spot for districts such as Puente Bacons, where he was born. That is why numerous Murcia residents are convinced that mayor Serrano Martínez will properly address all their needs and successfully lead Murcia during his mayoral term.


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Murcia is a city in south-eastern Spain, the capital and most populous city of the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia, and the seventh largest city in the country, with a population of 447,182 inhabitants in 2018 (about one third of the total population of the Region). The population of the metropolitan area was 689,591 in 2010.

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