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José María Bellido


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Total: 1,253 km2


Total: 325,708

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+34 957


Type: Mayor–council government
Body: Ayuntamiento de Córdoba
Mayor: José María Bellido

José María Bellido


José María Bellido is a city councillor and mayor of Córdoba since 2019. Born in Cordoba in 1977, mayor of Córdoba comes from a politically active family. His father served in the City Council as secretary. From a young age, Josè María Bellido developed interest in politics, which greatly affected his academic development. He enrolled into University of Córdoba, Department of Law. After his graduation, mayor Bellido continued his postgraduate studies in Seville. At ESIC University in Seville, José María Bellido obtained a Master's degree in Human Resources Management. During his college years, José Marìa Bellido also started his political development. In 1996, he joined the youth club of the People's Party. A year later, he became part of the Provincial Executive Committee, where he held the position of Secretary for Education. Another major political step was Bellido's position of Advisor for the Provincial Council of Córdoba in 2002. There, he was able to support various projects, initiatives and activities. After 2004 municipal elections, José María Bellido was named councilor in the City Council of Córdoba. Soon after, he was promoted to the position of Vice-spokesperson of the group in the City Council. In 2019 municipal elections, José María Bellido ran for the position of Córdoba mayor and won. (photo credit: wikipedia)


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Córdoba is a city in Andalusia, southern Spain, and the capital of the province of Córdoba. It was a Roman settlement, taken over by the Visigoths, followed by the Umayyad Caliphate in the eighth century. It became the capital of a Muslim emirate, and then the Caliphate of Córdoba, which encompassed most of the Iberian Peninsula. During this period, it became a center of education and learning, and by the 10th century had grown to be the largest city in Europe. It was conquered by the Kingdom of Castile in 1236.