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Total: 182.9 km2


Total: 311,620

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+39 (0)95


Mayor: Salvo Pogliese (suspended)

Salvo Pogliese


Salvo Pogliese is an Italian politician and mayor of Catania since June 2018. He was born in 1972 in the municipality of Catania. In his youth, he developed his interest for business and politics. Mayor of Catania studied Economics at University of Catania, where he obtained his degree. Soon after graduating, Salvo Pogliese started his career as a chartered accountant. His active role in politics started during his college years, when he became a member of Fronte della Gioventù. This organization, also known as Youth Front, consisted of young, ambitious and hard working individuals interested in politics. His first executive political position came in 1997. He was elected for a position on the City Council of Catania. Being successful in this position, as well as having established contacts and influence in the region, he made the basis for further development. In 2003, he was elected for the Provincial Council, where he became assessor.  After regional elections in 2006, Salvo Pogliese was named member of the Sicilian Regional Assembly. There he proved his worth with the re-election for the position twice, in 2008 and 2012. During his third term, Salvo Pogliese was named Vice President of the Sicilian Regional Assembly. After his establishment in local, regional and provincial politics, Salvo Pogliese seeked to prove his worth internationally as well. He ran for the position in the European Parliament and in 2014, Salvo Pogliese was named as a member of the EP. After a successful term in the European Parliament, Salvo Pogliese returned to his home town of Catania. He then prepared for the upcoming mayoral elections. In February of 2018, Salvo Pogliese announced his candidacy for this position. He received support from many sides, but most notable was from President of Sicily Nello Musumeci. He won municipal the elections and was named as mayor of Catania. When Salvo Pogliese became mayor, he started his campaign for economic development of Catania. The city then participated in Eurasian Economic Forum in Verona, all under guidance by mayor Pogliese. He also started the process of restoration of the local tourism infrastructure, with joint effort from both public and private sectors.


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Catania is the second largest city of Sicily after Palermo. It is located on the east coast facing the Ionian Sea. The population of the city proper is 320,000 while the population of the city's metropolitan area, Metropolitan City of Catania, stood at 1,116,168 inhabitants.

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