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Total: 1,285 km2


Total: 2,872,800

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+39 (0)6


Type: Special Comune ("Roma Capitale")
Body: Rome City Council
Mayor: Roberto Gualtieri

Roberto Gualtieri


Roberto Gualtieri is an Italian politician, historian and academic who has been serving as mayor of Rome since October 2021. Born in 1966 in Rome, Roberto Gualtieri started his interest in politics from early ages. He started his studies at Sapienza University of Rome in 1992. There, he graduated in the Department of Literature and Philology. In 1997, Roberto Gualtieri also obtained his Ph.D in History at Scuola Superiore di Studi Storici di San Marino. In the first three months since his inauguration, mayor Gualtieri developed various strategies that will serve as basis for his further projects. The most notable ones are certainly the cleaning program, improvement of mobility in the city and detailed and comprehensive talks with various government leaders and foreign officials about possible collaborations in the following years. The first goal and project realized by mayor Roberto Gualtieri was Rome’s waste plan. At the beginning of his term of office, mayor Gualtieri promoted an extensive campaign to restore clean streets of Rome. He planned and realized an investment of around EUR40 million into new disposal outlets for unsorted type of waste, located outside of the city. This investment also included various deals signed with private companies, which further ensured that cleaning of the streets would be even more efficient. In addition to that, he issued the recovery of Ama cleaning vehicles that were still in process of reparation and maintenance. Bonuses for all workers cleaning the streets were also accounted in this budget, which enabled them to work even during Christmas. The whole project was a great success and nearly all of the streets of Rome were cleaned. The second goal of mayor Roberto Gualtieri was to renew the top management of the investee companies, appoint the staff members and study the main files. The aim of this project is to research and study main dossiers regarding mobility. With in-depth analysis of the situation in the city, Mayor Gualtieri will be able to deepen this project with new enhancements and strategies that are directly connected to this project. Furthermore, this project is also closely related to the disposal of the waste program, since it will provide new and improved infrastructure for all vehicles included in waste disposal, but also every other vehicle in Rome. This will also enable the construction of new disposal plants to be more efficient and productive. Furthermore, the mayor also approved the city budget for the period 2022-2024. Mayor Gualtieri managed to navigate his plans and programs through complicated network of session and conferences. In total he attended and discussed plan of the budget through 24 committee sessions and 10 City Council assemblies. This endeavor should not be taken lightly, since many original plans usually get reduced or even fully ignored during these sessions. This is not the case with Mayor Gualtieri and his designated plans and strategies. As for the fourth important thing. mayor Gualtieri reached incredible and stable relationships with central government, especially Prime Minister Mario Draghi. These two officials work together on relocating new assets to the city of Rome. Various government subvention and relocation of assets’ plans were closely examined, which resulted in deals and talks with other mayors. After this process, mayor Gualtieri led a campaign for adjusting these assets according to residents of the cities and municipalities. These relocations included funds from National Recovery and Resilience Plan, which are of prime importance for both mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri and the city. The fifth goal reached during his first 100 days was the reopening of the Iron Bridge. The old bridge was highly damaged during the fire that erupted the day before elections. Many were of the belief that the reconstruction of the bridge would be long and grueling process, but in the first days as mayor, Roberto Gualtieri proved them wrong. The renewal of the bridge and subsequently its return to normal functioning was done in only 70 days. To continue with, mayor Gualtieri also established a strong relationship with the Vatican City and Pope Francis. In the first two weeks since the inauguration, Mayor Gualtieri asked Pope Francis for a first meeting. The aim of this meeting was to discuss Jubilee year of 2025. Two officials met and talked on what this manifestation should include, most importantly how will the influx of pilgrims be tolerated and regulated. During the second meeting, they discussed general relations between these two cities and the nomination for the EXPO 2030. This was one of the most important meetings for Mayor Roberto Gualtieri up to date, since it helped promote his city even more as prime candidate for nomination of this great event. To sum up, mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri has done many beneficial projects and reached various goals that will enhance the city even more. His successful work is a great start of promoting his future actions and projects.


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Rome is the capital city and a special comune of Italy (named Comune di Roma Capitale). Rome is also the capital of the Lazio region. With 2,872,800 residents in 1,285 km2 (496.1 sq mi), it is also the country's most populated comune. It is the fourth most populous city in the European Union by population within city limits.

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