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Total: 93.03 km2


Total: 210,440

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+39 (0)49


Mayor: Sergio Giordani

Sergio Giordani


Padua is a city in Northern Italy's Veneto region, best known for Giotto's frescoes in the Scrovegni Chapel from 1303–05 and the impressive 13th-century Basilica of St. Anthony. This picturesque Italian city has been led by mayor Sergio Giordani since 2017. Led by mayor Giordani, Padua is further developing as an important cultural destination and tourist centre, while at the same time embracing the fight against climate change. Giordani is an Italian politician and entrepreneur who holds a diploma as a technical expert. Football has a very special place in the life of mayor of Padua. In the 1986-1987 season, he joined the Calcio Padova board of directors as managing director. In 1990, he was appointed vice-president, and in 1994, with the club's promotion to Serie A, he was named president until 1996. Furthermore, he has held positions in the Padua Chamber of Commerce in PadovaFiere SpA and in the Padua Civil Airport. Padua was founded around 1184 BC by the Trojan Antenor, making it one of Italy's oldest cities. Mayor Giordani does an excellent job in maintaining the city’s strong historical charm and uniqueness, while at the same time using modern technologies and digitalization to improve the daily lives of all Padua residents. With mayor Giordani, Padua constantly looks into the future.  In March 2022, the city provided 250 thousand euros to non-profit organisations and associations for social, cultural, recreational activities, in order to encourage residents to take part in various activities. At the same time, with the numerous infrastructure projects and the promotion of green and environmentally-friendly policies, Padua is also demonstrating its strong will to become one of the leading cities in the fight against climate change. Led by enormous love for the city, mayor Giordani is successfully writing another page in Padua’s long history. 


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Padua is a city in northern Italy. It is the capital of the province of Padua and the economic and communications hub of the area. Padua's population is 214,000 (as of 2011).

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