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Total: 140.86 km2


Total: 389,261

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+39 (0)51


Mayor: Matteo Lepore

Matteo Lepore


Born in Bologna in 1980, mayor Matteo Lepore was always interested in politics. He started his education at Galvani classical high school in Bologna. After high school, Matteo Lepore pursued his passion, enrolling in University of Bologna. There he graduated in Political Sciences and continued his further education. During his time as a student, he obtained an internship in Brussels at the Liaison Office with European institutions for the region of Emilia-Romagna. This proved to be an excellent basis for his later development. He then pursued Master degree in Construction and urban planning. One year after his graduation, he also obtained a Master's Degree in Cooperation Economics. After his academic development, he started his career in the field of associations and cultural enterprises, being a participant and organizer of several projects around the city. Lepore was soon after placed as head of the project for internationalization, territorial development and innovation organized by Legacoop Bologna. As a politician, he started his career as a member of Savanne district council. Later on, he got promoted to vice president and at that time, Matteo Lepore was among chief organizers of the event "General States on Culture in Bologna" in 2010. The event was very well received, which lasted for three days and was attended by the majority of the cultural elite from both the region and the city. He was afterwards promoted to Councilor for economy, promotion, tourism, international relations and digital agenda, from 2011 until 2016. At that time, he achieved many successes, which enabled him to be reelected for the position in 2016. During his second mandate as councilor, Matteo Lepore was responsible for realization of European projects and civic imagination. He was among chief supporters for the establishment of an Urban center in Bologna, with the most important program at the time being Collaborare è Bologna. This project promoted collaboration between public and private sectors, but also promoted innovation and redevelopment of the city. His second project as head of civic imagination for Bologna was PON Metro Program, in collaboration with Urban center. Because of his successes as councilor and local organizer of events, Matteo Lepore was elected as mayor of Bologna in 2021. Matteo Lepore always sought improvement and innovation around the city. He has many projects and strategies for city improvement, the latest one being the establishment of honorary citizenship for minors born to foreign parents. (photo credit: wikipedia)


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Bologna is the capital and largest city of the Emilia-Romagna region in Northern Italy. It is the seventh most populous city in Italy, at the heart of a metropolitan area of about one million people.

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