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Total: 240.29 km2


Total: 580,097

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+39 (0)10


Mayor: Marco Bucci

Marco Bucci


Marco Bucci has been serving as mayor of Genoa since summer 2017. Born in 1959 in Genoa, Marco Bucci was highly interested in biology and chemistry from early age. This prompted him to pursue his interest in these subjects, so he enrolled at the University of Genoa. There, he graduated in both chemistry and pharmacy in 1985. After his graduation, he continued his career in the chemistry sector, only later to be more drawn to pharmacy. Then he became pharmaceutical manager for Kodak and Carestream Health companies, where he made a lot of contacts, but also gained valuable experience in management. After his extensive work in these sectors, Marco Bucci wanted to return to his birth city and try to improve it, which resulted in his candidacy for the position of mayor. He won the 2017 elections and stayed in the position of mayor since then. When Covid-19 struck, Italy was one of the countries that suffered the most. Mayor Bucci implemented set of actions for Genoa. These actions aimed at enabling both small businesses and big corporations to continue their work in relative normality. Police, volunteers and civil protection services were organized by Mayor Bucci, in order to provide citizens of Genoa with food, medicine and basic service for elderly and sick during the lockdown. This was continued in the following months, through work of civil servants, which established online facilities such as organized groups for self-help, online cultural utilities and free library services to name only a few. The postponement of tax and fee collection was also available for private companies, especially those that were hit the most during lockdown. Furthermore, there were actions that enable free parking lots and plans for redevelopment of public spaces, in order to promote reboot of hospitality. This strategy also includes reduction of carbon footprint. Projects that include wider spread of energy efficiency, circular economy and innovative infrastructure are especially supported. One of these strategies, called Lighthouse, is already put into action, with the primary goal of introducing a Sustainable Energy and Climate action plan. Through this strategy, Mayor Bucci aims at cutting emission by 40% by the year 2030. The Lighthouse Action Plan 2050, will be a continuation of these projects, which will further set Genoa on a path towards a climate neutral city. This will put both Genoa and Mayor Bucci in line with the European Green Act. (photo credit: Wikimedia)


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Genoa is the capital of the Italian region Liguria and the sixth-largest city in Italy. In 2015, Genoa had 594,733 people living within the city's administrative limits.

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