Utrecht: ex-criminals to prevent young people from entering the drug environment

As a part of an integrated plan to fight drug crime in the city, city of Utrecht will work with ex-criminals to prevent young people from entering the drug environment. The plan will include the police, the Public Prosecution Service, the Probation Service to Rabobank and housing associations.

Mayor of Utrecht Sharon Dijksma said: “Utrecht proposes a reinforced approach to counteract further disruptive efforts of drug crime”.

Besides crime prevention, the plan will also focus at young people who are already involved in criminal and are risking a deeper connection to it. The goal is to keep this kind of people on the right track.

Mayor Dijksma added: “It is worrying when the image arises that crime is normal. Being there as a government at the right time makes all the difference if we want to prevent young people from opting for crime or help them stay out of it permanently and not relapse.”

Furthermore, the plan will also include special coaches who will train people to find jobs as an alternative to criminal: “These coaches help to find work, during or after detention. The Declaration on Behavior (VOG) is seen as an obstacle to getting a job. The municipality is investigating with the Ministry of Justice how these thresholds can be taken away – under certain conditions”.


Photo credit: Reginar/Unsplash