Utrecht promotes sports to improve mental health

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Utrecht has launched the Blue Monday sports project to improve mental health of residents, noting that mental health is in decline.

Headed by Mayor of Utrecht Sharon Dijksma, city authorities pointed out that many sports activities are available for free or a small fee, noting that the list of activities is available online.

Utrecht reminded that Blue Monday is a name for the supposedly most depressing day of the year, calling on residents to take part in sports activities and exercise to help prevent or overcome mental problems.

City authorities noted that people who are physically active and participate in sports are less likely to suffer from depression, have more self-confidence and experience less stress.

According to official records, mental health of children, young people and young adults in Utrecht is in decline. As many as 46% of young residents feel stressed often, with 25% of young adults reporting moderate to severe psychological issues.

SportCity sports provider head Rohit Gulati pointed out that “sports can be good outlets for young people who are struggling” and added that the company is committed to offering a place for relaxation and meeting other people.

City authorities pointed out that all residents are welcome to take advantage of the project, especially youth and young adults.

(Photo credit: ijeab / Freepik)