Mayor of Utrecht appeals for cities to be given more power in tackling climate crisis


During the ICLEI World Congress held in Malmo, Mayor of Utrecht Sharon Dijksma appealed for cities to be given more power and resources in tackling the global climate emergency, the City of Utrecht announced on its official website.

Mayor Dijksma, quoted by the City of Utrecht’s official website, stated: “You notice that the attention for climate action often goes to national governments, while cities have to make the difference. Simply because most people in the world live in cities. So let us really have a say and help decide. We literally see with our own eyes the effect of our policy every day.”

Mayors, other local authorities, and experts were given the opportunity to exchange ideas on best practices in local sustainable development during the ICLEI Global World Congress, hosted by ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability and the City of Malmo.

At the triennial global sustainability conference of local authorities, Mayor Dijksma was the only representative of the VNG (The Association of Dutch Municipalities).

Mayor Dijksma also highlighted the lack of funding for cities to implement their climate plans in areas such as mobility or circularity, in addition to cities’ underrepresented position in deciding how best to address climate change.

More financial resources are needed for, among other things, energy-efficient homes and buildings, gas-free neighborhoods, more electric public transportation and the accompanying charging infrastructure, and boosting public knowledge of recycling, waste processing, and clean transportation as viable options.

‘’Funding remains a major problem for municipalities to actually implement. At the moment, money for a climate approach is not seeping through sufficiently from national governments. Talking about policy and what course to take is obviously important, but it’s about action. And that requires money’’, mayor of Utrecht concluded. (photo credit: