Mayor Feldmann welcomed Culture Minister Roth in Frankfurt


Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media Claudia Roth visited Frankfurt on Monday. Roth, who is also the former Vice President of the Bundestag, was welcomed by the mayor of Frankfurt Peter Feldmann, it was announced on the official website of the city of Frankfurt.

The two officials discussed the renovation of Paulskirche, one of Frankfurt’s most important landmarks with great historical importance. This church, which was consecrated in 1833, was the site of Germany’s first national assembly in 1848, which laid the groundwork for the country’s current constitution.

Mayor Feldmann stated: “We are pleased that we are being supported by the federal government in the renovation of the Paulskirche. Together with the federal and state governments, we will commemorate the cradle of German democracy.’’

‘’At the same time, the anniversary in May 2023 will be a starting signal. A starting signal to enter into a dialogue with each other, how we imagine democratic processes and forms of participation today. A starting shot for the future children’s and youth parliament,’’ he continued.

By the end of the year, the Paulskirche Commission of Experts is scheduled to submit conceptual cornerstones of the upcoming project. Suggestions from the citizens’ dialogue which was initiated by the City of Frankfurt will be made available to the expert commission.

Minister Claudia Roth stated: “The current war of aggression by the Putin regime against Ukraine shows once again that the need of the hour is to protect and strengthen the culture of democracy. The Paulskirche and the many other authentic places in German democratic history also remind us of this.’’

‘’To show democracy a way forward, we want to make the lessons from the past much more visible at these symbolic locations in all regions of our country. To do this, however, we also need new spaces for discussion and dialogue, for emotional experience and critical remembrance – precisely because our society is becoming more and more diverse and colourful,’’ minister Roth also stated. (photo credit: © City of Frankfurt am Main, photo: Maik Reuß)