Frankfurt: Open for Diversity – Closed to Exclusion


Anti-discrimination campaign from the German city of Kassel has officially made it to Frankfurt. The initiative provides businesses, stores and individuals with door signs stating Open for Diversity – Closed to Exclusion which they can then hang on their doors to show their stance on discrimination.

Mayor of Frankfurt Peter Feldmann stated on social media: The door sign campaign Open for Diversity – Closed to Exclusion from Kassel is also starting in Frankfurt. We must stand up for tolerant coexistence and clearly position ourselves against discrimination and hate.

Individuals can now pick up door signs for their front entrances at Mainzer Landstrasse 293 in stadtRAUMfrankfurt completely free of charge. Institutions or businesses that may need larger quantities of signs can order them via email or via special phone number. The project aims to distribute approximately 5,000  door signs across Frankfurt in the coming weeks.

Open for Diversity – Closed to Exclusion is a regional coalition of organizations, associations, and businesses active in Kassel and North Hesse aiming to promote diversity in all of its forms and to combat any kind of exclusion in society and the workplace. The project is dedicated to respect, tolerance, and democratic ideals, and calls for support of diversity in society and the workplace.

The initiative dates back to 2018 when residents of Chemnitz in eastern Germany became targets of right-wing violence because of their origin, religion or their commitment to democracy. Kassel-based companies wanted to raise their voice against extremism and launched this unique campaign which quickly spread to more places in Germany.

This attitude must be visible to everyone – throughout the city and beyond. This is what we stand for together with the motto Open for Diversity – Closed to Exclusion, mayor Feldmann further stated.

With 763,380 inhabitants, Frankfurt is the most populous city in the German state of Hesse. Being home to around 180 different nationalities, it is considered one of Germany’s most multicultural cities which proudly embraces cultural, ethnic and religious diversity. (Photo: Wintershall)