Utrecht: mayor Dijksma opened the world’s largest charging car park at a.s.r.

Mayor of Utrecht Sharon Dijksma officially opened the world’s largest charging car park located at a.s.r.

It is a bi-directional electric charging car park which can simultaneously charge and discharge 250 electric cars owned by employees.

Besides mayor Dijksma, the opening ceremony was attended by CEO of a.s.r. Jos Baeten.

Mayor Sharon Dijksma stated: “Together with many partners, we are developing a bi-directional ecosystem within the Utrecht region. This charging garage at a.s.r. makes an important contribution to this. Our progressive course in the field of sustainable mobility is an example for the rest of the Netherlands and the world”.

CEO of a.s.r. Jos Baeten declared: “The urgency to combat climate change is growing day by day. As an insurer, we want to play a leading role in the field of sustainability in several areas. Since our sustainable office building is fully CO2 neutral, 98% of our CO2 footprint now comes from our mobility. a.s.r. wants to emit 50% less CO2 by 2025. In order to encourage behavioural change, everyone at a.s.r. is given the opportunity to contribute to this. For example, through a bicycle plan, an attractive public transport offer, and now the possibility of recharging cars. The theme of ‘sustainability’ never stops, there is always a next step. But nothing happens by itself, and today we are taking another important step in the right direction”.

The 10,000 square metres parking has a roof with more than 2,000 solar panels. In other words, this accounts for 4 million electric kilometres a year. The 250 smart bi-directional charging stations in the car park allow electric cars to charge and discharge, and there are batteries in which the generated power can be stored, reports Market Screener. This sustainable initiative is a huge contribution to further minimising a.s.r.’s footprint and also contributes to the plan to make Utrecht the first region in the world with a bi-directional ecosystem.


Photo credit: asrnl.com