Vienna is the infallible choice on where to start a business

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Vienna is the economic heart of Austria and is home to over 200 multinational corporation headquarters.

The city has a remarkable startup infrastructure with plenty of co-working spaces and accelerators providing vital support for startup founders. It is now one of the top European locations for startups and is home to about 100,000 businesses, many of which are world market leaders in their respective fields.

The city has a great geographical location and is well connected with many European cities. It also has a unique mix of Western and Eastern European cultures, making the city the ideal spot to build a company that can easily expand internationally.

Furthermore, Vienna has the highest quality of life in the world and the city was also awarded as the “most prosperous city” by the United Nations. 

Vienna is also home to some 200,000 students and 20 universities, which makes the city the largest location of tertiary studies in the entire German-speaking region and among the most important student cities in the world.

Some of the universities in Vienna offer a large number of talented young people, and the right set of tools to make them develop their entrepreneurship skills. After finishing their studies, there is a vast interest and motivation for students to engage with the startup scene in the city.

Vienna Business Agency is the first point of contact for Viennese companies, international businesses, and startups because of their support in all the phases of their business development. They provide advice regarding all corporate issues one might be searching for.

Besides support and advice, Vienna Business Agency also offers funding, business premises, offices, and networking for companies to help them at their start, therefore the Agency’s key priority is to make Vienna an even smarter city with great startup ecosystem, sustainable and digital technologies, smart production, creative industries and life sciences.

For years, the city has been organizing a festival called ViennaUP, a decentralized community-driven festival that focuses on what the future of technology holds. The main aim of this festival is to build a unique interconnected experience for startups, investors, tech enthusiasts, creatives and visionaries.

This year, the festival will be held from May 27 – Jun 3 in Vienna, and it will offer participants the opportunity to participate at the most current topics across different industries, start a conversation with other smart minds, expand their international network and get inspired.

This festival is a great opportunity for startups to meet and connect with other entrepreneurs but also showcase their products, projects and services. The events will take place at various locations across the city and every event will focus on subjects such as smart cities, cleantech, the creative industries, health tech and life sciences, smart manufacturing and new technological frontiers. (photo credit: pikisuperstar/Freepik)