Croatia: digital nomad’s heaven in Europe

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In the last couple of years, the number of digital nomads who are attracted to visiting Croatia as their next go-to destination is continuously rising.

Croatia has a lot of things to offer for digital nomads. With over 1000 islands, famous music festivals, spectacular Mediterranean beaches and incredible historic destinations such as Dubrovnik and Split, there is no doubt why this beautiful country attracts more and more people every year. 

With an amazing success in the digital nomad story in 2021, Croatia is now considered one of the most popular digital nomad countries in Europe and one of the easiest places in the European Union to embark on a new remote working and digital nomad lifestyle.

At the beginning of last year, Croatia’s visa success scored an incredible number of 7.4.

With this number and the introduction of digital nomad permits, the Global Nomad Guide ranked the Croatian digital nomad permit as the best visa currently on offer for nomads. 

 This visa enables millions, who have previously been limited by long office commutes and only 2-4 weeks of vacation, to now base in a new place for a longer time and they are now able to explore new career and lifestyle opportunities. 

Many great projects such as the award-winning Dubrovnik Digital Nomads-in-Residence and Zagreb Digital Nomad Week & Ambassador project helped the country to attract an impressive number of digital nomads who were interested in visiting the country.

Also in 2021, a major Nomad list survey of the travel and lifestyle habits of digital nomads has given its feedback in which Croatia was the second most liked country, and the city of Zagreb landed the position of one of the top 5 cities in the world for digital nomads.

Zadar Valley also raised a lot of attention last year. It is the first digital nomad village that offers digital nomads beautiful architecture, culture, gastronomy and introduces them to the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Zagreb is one of the Croatian cities that started to see a massive increase in the number of foreign travelers and digital nomads. This number is only increasing because of the many great things that the city has to offer. 

Digital nomads from all over the world have chosen Zagreb as their temporary home and are familiarizing themselves with Croatian culture, language, customs, gastronomy, and way of life in the Croatian metropolis. The city has a rich and unique culture and English is largely spoken so digital nomads don’t have any problems with communication whatsoever. The cost of living in Croatia is quite low which is also one of many reasons these many digital nomads are attracted to the country.

Digital nomads are attracted to famous landmarks as well as the city’s location which is along the river of Sava. The city has an excellent geographic position that is well connected with the rest of Europe.

Digital nomads also have many work opportunities in the city because of the growing number of co-working spaces and hubs that are constantly opening. There is a large variety of great options and some of the best places to work for digital nomads are Impact Hub, BIZkoshnica, and many more.

For more information on digital nomads in Zagreb, please visit this link. (photo credit: mtomicphotography/Pixabay)