New pedestrian area in Zagreb to be inaugurated this month


A new pedestrian zone in the centre of the Croatian capital Zagreb will be officially inaugurated on May 28, mayor of Zagreb Tomislav Tomašević said on social media.

Mayor Tomašević stated: ‘’On May 28, we are opening a new pedestrian zone in Stara Vlaška! Jardinieres and benches will be set up in the street, while magnolias, Japanese plums and other greenery will be planted. Urban space equipment such as jardinieres will be made from materials recycled in the renovation process.’’

The part of Stara Vlaška street between Draškovićeva and Palmotićeva streets was previously dominated by cars and parking spaces, leaving very little space for pedestrians. This project is part of Zagreb’s wider ambitions to become more pedestrian-friendly.

‘’The expansion of pedestrian zones is something we had in the program and we plan to further expand it, especially to the eastern part of Masarykova street, with adequate studies that precede it,’’ said mayor Tomašević.

People are prioritised in pedestrian zones. This will improve the quality of life while lowering pollution, carbon emissions, and limiting congestion. It is becoming more common for European cities to pedestrianise their historic city centres as a way of becoming safer and more livable.

‘’For this expansion of the pedestrian zone, we made analyses, ordered a project and selected the offer of the Danish-Croatian duo. The Copenhagen office Healthy Systems will help the local Zagreb office Studio ii. This is a temporary transformation – we will conduct a public urban-horticultural tender for a permanent transformation,’’ mayor of Zagreb further stated.

The official opening of Zagreb’s newest pedestrian area later this month will be accompanied by a music program and a fair of craftsmen.

‘’See you at the opening on May 28th!’’ mayor of Zagreb Tomislav Tomašević concluded. (photo credit: Sanjin Strukic/PIXSELL)