Mayor’s Vallo successful fight against visual smog in Bratislava

Pollution of public space, visual smog, is caused by aggressive and large advertisement which is often placed on concrete locations illegally without any permission.

It can be seen mainly in big cities because of more space and more reasons to advertise. It usually refers to those elements of the landscape that the community finds unattractive, including badly maintained buildings.

Bratislava City Council has been working hard for a long time now on combating excessive visual smog through gradually cleaning their public spaces of advertising billboards.

The advertisements are a threat to the urban environment: they are often placed chaotically and they limit pedestrians and cyclists in their free movement. Also, because of the billboards, the paths get narrowed and the greenery gets jeopardized.

Mayor of Bratislava Matúš Vallo stated on social media: “Big cleaning of Bratislava advertising is still our priority! Another 21 advertising billboards were taken down. In 2021, a total of 194 advertising devices were removed”.

Removing ads from the streets is often a long process due to the decisions of courts and building authorities, however mayor Vallo is not stopping until Bratislava is completely free of the visual smog.

Photo: Lubos Houska/Pixabay