Mayor Brugnaro: “A hard year is behind us. We are ready for the recovery of Venice”

The mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro, held his traditional annual press conference which took place in web-conference in the Smart Control Room of the Tronchetto. Mayor Luigi Brugnaro summarized the year 2020 as the one that Venice, like the rest of the world, will never forget. “The next few months will still be very difficult, we are still stuck somewhere between light and dark”, continued the mayor, introducing the interventions of all the councilors. “We have a duty to be responsible in administering the public goods and to keep the bar in the center in stormy waters, even from an economic point of view, making us ready when the lights come back on”.

The mayor outlined general strategies and settings of the municipal administration’s actions, then leaving the various members of the council the opportunity to go into details. “We all work as a team”, added the mayor. “Personally I received a great charge of responsibility but also of energy after my re-election. Not that the challenges which await us will be less complex. We know that the money of the citizens and the hopes of future generations are at stake. To all workers, employees, entrepreneurs, we wish a new year of recovery”, concluded Brugnaro. “Our commitment is to be here for you, without leaving no one behind”.

A desire to maintain direct contact with the local area and citizens was reaffirmed by the managing director for relations with citizens, Paolino D’Anna: “A role that has become increasingly important in recent months, to the point of becoming fundamental during the pandemic”, he stressed. “Let’s work at the forefront to address the signs of possible problems from the outset, preventing them from becoming too dangerous. The world has changed – he concluded – let’s get busy. Together we will do it “.

A vision was also shared by the delegate for the protection of traditions Giovanni Giusto, who in 2021 will be at the forefront of organizing the celebrations for the 1600th anniversary of the foundation of Venice, who said that events as before cannot be organized, however the tradition must be respected in a new, modified way.

The Councilor for Citizen Services, Educational Policies and Personnel Laura Besio, also shared her thoughts on further development of administrative efficiency. The areas of commerce activities, social cohesion, residence policies, economic development, public works, construction, school usability and urban decor were also discussed on this conference.