Venice introduces new tourist tax for all one-day visitors


Many countries are fighting with tourism decrease since the start of Covid-19 pandemic. Venice, however, a leading tourist hotspot in northern Italy is faced with an entirely different problem.

With a population of around 50,000 people, Venice can be classified as a small city. In the last decade, especially before the pandemic, it had an annual turnover of 25-30 million tourists.

This popularity had massive economical benefits for the city, however many social problems sprung up during the years.

As the city became more popular, many local residents could not cope with the massive influx of tourists and rising prices of all products. Narrow streets became clogged with visitors from all around the world, many of whom caused massive pollution to the local canals. Furthermore, as apartments and overall accommodation were in high demand, many locals chose to move out in order to transform their homes into short-term rentals.

All of these aspects urged the local government to propose a new measure in order to protect locals and the city from overtoruism.

The new tax was firstly proposed by Mayor of Venice Luigi Brugnaro in 2018, but its adoption was postponed because of various factors, one of them being the pandemic of Covid-19.

Mayor Brugnaro said: “The idea is to impose obligatory reservations for the city, in order to encourage high-quality, experiential tourism and decrease day-tripping”.

Visitors who plan on booking accommodation will not have any limitations. Main target of the city is to control the flow of tourists through small control room using programs and artificial intelligence. This digital asset will also control all of the city services, i.e. transportation.

The layout of the plan was announced earlier last week, with introduction of it during the following months. There will bea 5 euro fee which will be obligatory for all visitors who come on a one-day trip. Newspaper Venice Today also reported that this tax will fluctuate and change in case of some factors, so the range for the tickets will be from 3 to up to 8 euro.

This new fee will provide the city with a new source of revenue and it will decrease the number of day-trippers to the city. (photo credit: Neil Morrell/Pixabay)