Luigi Brugnaro: successful entrepreneur and mayor of Venice

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Venice, a cultural and economic center of Veneto region in Northern Italy, is well known around the world for its rich history. With its unique location, being built upon a small archipelago in an extremely swampy region, the city presents a real challenge to govern. Current mayor of Venice is Luigi Brugnaro. He was elected for this position for the second time in 2020.

Born in Mirano in 1961, mayor of Venice studied and graduated architecture at Institute University of Architecture in Venice. In the years that followed his graduation, he pursued his desire to establish himself in business circles. Later on, he established himself as a local entrepreneur, achieving high performances and becoming involved in several projects.

His first big step regarding business and politics was the election for Confindustria Venice, where he became chairman. This organization focuses on promotion of the economy and various corporate strategies for the whole province. During his chairman days, there was a substantial increase in the economy of the region and corporate sector, which enabled Venice, Treviso, Padua and Rovigo to form coalition candidacy for “Capital of Corporate Culture”. This joint effort by four cities won the prestigious honor of holding this title for 2022.

Afterwards, mayor Brugnaro became a president of Assolavoro organization or Trade Association of Employment Companies. During his term, there has been an increase of employment throughout the region, which was beneficial for both Confindustria Venezia plans and his position as Mayor.

When he was first elected as Mayor of Venice in 2015, Luigi Brugnaro opted for developing but also preserving the city. Because of the huge influx of tourists, the shaky foundations on which the whole city was built started to deteriorate faster. In order to secure the city, Mayor Brugnaro was keen on establishing tourist tax back in 2017. Later on this tax would be approved by Italian Parliament. When Mayor Brugnaro proposed this tax, he had two impacts in mind. First one was preserving the city from over tourism and the other one is strengthening of the economy, which will enable local administration to invest in other spheres.

Additionally, when two ships collided in Giudecca Canal, back in 2019, he was among the first to spread the idea of stopping large ships reception, especially cruisers that were just passing through. This is an important part of preserving the city, but also reducing pollution.

Mayor of Venice said during an interview: “Once again it is shown that big ships cannot cross the Giudecca Canal”. Furthermore, after the great floods of 2019 that struck this city especially hard, Mayor Brugnaro was among the first to call for action for further combating the effects of climate change.