Venice is moving forward with plans to charge day-trippers


The municipal authorities of the picturesque Italian city of Venice have moved forward with a plan to charge day visitors a fee in order to be able to admire its beauty. Venice is also known as the “City of Canals” and “The Floating City’’. Depending on how crowded the city is on the day they plan to visit, the fee will range from €3 to €10.

Mayor of Venice Luigi Brugnaro stated on social media: ‘’Tourism in Venice has started again. Operators can finally move on. Today, many have understood that the booking system is the right path to take for a more balanced management of tourism.”

Plans for an entrance fee have been in developing since the Italian government approved the idea in late 2018. The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic temporarily halted the plan, which now seems to be gaining ground. The booking system will begin through a six-month pilot in June, with the possibility of going live in January of the following year.

Venice, one of the most popular destinations in Italy and Europe, has been dealing with mass tourism and an increasing number of visitors for years. Critics argue that the trend has led to negative environmental effects, increased pollution, a crisis in the housing market and a rapidly deteriorating quality of life in the city.

Overnight visitors will be exempt, as they already pay a tourist tax. The British newspaper reported that gates may potentially be installed at important entry points in the city as part of the plan. (photo credit: Gerhard Bögner/Pixabay)