Gothenburg has its youth in focus

Mayor of Gothenburg Axel Josefson visited Fältgruppen City together with deputy mayor Nina Miskovsky.

Fältgruppen City is an organization which focuses on working with Gothenburg’s youth and provides them with all-round support.

Mayor Josefson stated via social media: “I visited the Fältgruppen City with Nina Miskovsky to get a better insight into the important work they are doing.

Fältgruppen City works with young people aged 13 to 21. The organization is present at places where young people frequently spend time such as Nordstan, Gothenburg’s Central Station, as well as the city’s numerous streets and squares. The organization is tasked with monitoring how young people are doing and providing support in a variety of scenarios.

Fältgruppen City offers valuable help to most vulnerable social groups by providing information and support regarding different topics. These include family and friendship issues, self-confidence and identity, sexuality, school, alcohol and drugs or anything else they find important.

“Yesterday evening Axel Josefson and I were out in the city with the city bikes. It was crisply cold outside and quiet in the city. Very valuable to know more about the situation in the city with a focus on young people. Thanks for a very rewarding evening!”, deputy mayor Myskovsky stated on social media following the visit.

The organization also serves as a link between youth and education, employment services or other activities. It also helps Gothenburg’s youngest residents in court proceedings and provides them with any sort of help they may need. 

“We use the knowledge we gain about young people’s conditions to influence the situation for young people and we map youth environments and phenomena in central Gothenburg. We also coordinate the city’s efforts at major youth events, such as Valborg and Kulturkalaset,” Fältgruppen City stated on their website.

The media’s interest in Gothenburgh’s Nordstan has grown in the last two years. It has been increasingly addressed in the media in terms of a lack of security and as a hotspot of violence and a crime-inducing environment.


Photo credit: Axel Josefson/Instagram