Cascais awarded its volunteers on International Volunteer Day

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On the International Volunteer Day, Cascais, municipality in the Lisbon District, recognized the effort, dedication and commitment of thousands of its citizens who regularly volunteer on different fronts. 

Throughout the year, volunteers generously give themselves, invest their time and share their knowledge in various areas, making a difference in the lives of many people.

Cascais is proud of its network of thousands of volunteers who throughout the year help various projects come true. Therefore, it comes as no surprise the city decided to award them.

“This award recognizes and reflects the spirit of solidarity of volunteers from Cascais and the mutual help ties that exist in our communities”, said councilwoman Joana Balsemão at the award ceremony, which took place at Recreios da Amadora.

The trophy rewards the work of volunteers in Cascais, both individually and as a team. It also highlights the virtues of the projects aimed at providing the senior population with skills that allowed them to access new information technologies. It involved the younger population, putting the skills of higher education students to work and also making them become active citizens. 

The effect of the pandemic, namely the absenteeism of the senior population in volunteering – the one that participates most –  was offset by the growing involvement of the young population.

The “Portuguese Volunteering Trophy“, which Cascais awarded, was created by the Portuguese Volunteering Confederation with the aim of recognizing the work of volunteers. Their individual or team work developed by public or private organizations, promote volunteering as an exercise of active citizenship and solidarity in building the common good.


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