How Barcelona, Paris, Rome and Lisbon are fighting to preserve their cultural heritage


Barcelona formed the alliance for protection and preservation of iconic and historic shops with the cities of Lisbon, Paris and Rome.

City authorities headed by Mayor of Barcelona Ada Colau pointed out that representatives of the cities signed the declaration to recognise the role of local government units in protection of iconic shops.

Barcelona stressed that governments and local authorities should promote and recognise the importance of such shops as well as contribute to their protection and economic viability.

The alliance intends to create an international charter to classify such establishments and define different types with corresponding levels of cultural protection.

It aims to incentivise protection of iconic commercial establishments by recognising them as a category in the legal framework of heritage protection, cataloguing and development of mechanisms to support conservation and protection of tangible and intangible heritage.

City authorities pointed out that the alliance will promote and support the creation of local networks to protect emblematic commercial establishments and develop joint projects for present and future viability.

Cities are to promote the exchange of experiences and creation of a common roadmap within the framework and with the support of EU and international institutions.

The alliance will draw up annual action plans and evaluate the milestones reached to track progress and advance the objectives of the declaration.

(Photo credit: Barcelona)