Lisbon’s Unicorn Factory to be finished by November 2022


Speaking at the Web Summit 2021, mayor of Lisbon Carlos Moedas announced the establishment of the Lisbon Unicorn Factory in the city.

In mayors’ words, the Unicorn Factory is “the place where we will teach details and processes so that young people can turn their ideas into big businesses, creating jobs, changing the world and having purpose”.

The Fábrica de Unicórnios is currently under construction. It is expected that the Unicorn Factory will be completed by the end of 2022. More precisely, prior to the Web Summit 2022 edition.

Mayor of Lisbon Carlos Moedas recently stated: “This project is underway and I really hope, more or less before the next Web Summit, that we can already physically have this Unicorn Factory in the place that is now the Hub do Beato, but already with a structure in a building that is currently being just built”.

Prior to becoming mayor of Lisbon, Carlos Moedas served as European Commissioner for Research, Science, and Innovation. Therefore, the idea of creating the Unicorn Factory is a logical step for Moedas and his expertize.

Web Summit is a 4-day event which brings together tens of thousands of people involved in the tech industry. This year, it will be held from November 1 – 4, 2022, in Lisbon. (photo credit: Freepik)