Vilnius to modernize the city’s heating system


The city of Vilnius, led by mayor Remigijus Šimašius, will soon see the modernization of the heating network in the city.

Around 17km of old pipelines will be replaced with modern, pre-insulated ones. The old, worn-out pipelines are currently causing major heat loss and are increasing the risk of accidents which is why this project is very important for the city. After the project is finished, the residents of Vilnius will have access to a more reliable heating supply. 

This project will also contribute to environmental protection by improving energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions which will make the Vilnius a much greener and environmentally friendly city that is less polluted because the heating system is directly connected to the city’s air quality. This big project also consists of the installation of a biomass combined heat and power plant and a solar energy connector. An absorption heat pump will be installed to increase the efficiency of the biomass boiler.

Additionally, 4 km of new pipelines will provide energy efficiency gains by connecting newly built houses and service buildings to the network.

The project will be financed with the help of The European Investment Bank and AB Vilniaus Šilumos Tinklai company. They have signed a long-term credit agreement and will provide up to €43 million for the modernization of the Vilnius heating network.

This big investment is crucial to improving the security, energy efficiency, and flexibility of heat supply, but also for meeting existing and future demand for heat and hot water in the city. (photo credit: press release/chc)