Vilnius involves residents in planning design of green spaces


Residents of Vilnius’ Naujamiestis neighbourhood took part in the design of green spaces there.

City authorities headed by Mayor of Vilnius Remigijus Šimašius pointed out that new green spaces will be designed this autumn, which residents were happy to hear.

As part of the consultation process, residents commented on the problems they see with parking, walking paths and waste collection, among other.

The two areas in question in Naujamiestis neighbourhood are between residential buildings and are mainly used by residents who live nearby, which is why city authorities launched a survey and a public discussion to prepare the projects.

Vilnius authorities are planning to build rest and fitness areas in Szymon Konarski Square and the surrounding area as well as modernise playgrounds and build new walking paths.

Stairs will be removed in several places and replaced with ramps to improve accessibility, with city authorities adding that residents called for more parking spaces around the square.

Residents also called for preserving the 33 trees in the square, which city authorities say will be protected from damage during implementation of the project.

In addition, Vilnius will plant new trees in the square and pick species to make sure that some plants are in bloom from spring to autumn.

According to city authorities, the project will be launched this autumn and completed in the spring of 2024.

(Photo credit: Vilnius)