Stockholm to become twin city with the Ukrainian capital Kyiv


The Swedish capital Stockholm has initiated the process of becoming a twin city with the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has resulted in one of the world’s most rapidly growing humanitarian crises in decades, and united numerous European cities in their support for Ukraine.

Mayor of Stockholm Anna König Jerlmyr stated on social media: ‘’Europe and the rest of the free world are now rallying behind Ukraine and their brave fight against the Russian invasion forces. The support that many cities and countries are now showing needs to continue even after the war when Ukrainian cities need to be rebuilt.’’

‘’I am therefore delighted that Stockholm has decided to start the process of becoming a twin city with Kiev, the capital of Ukraine,’’ mayor König Jerlmyr continued.

According to the mayor of the Swedish capital, by becoming a twin city with Kyiv, Stockholm can contribute with the necessary expertise for Kyiv’s reconstruction in numerous fields, such as education, urban planning, democracy work, sewage and water, IT, electricity, and more.

‘’I am convinced that Stockholm has the necessary expertise to be able to contribute with important elements in the reconstruction phase. It is of the utmost priority for democracy and freedom that we provide assistance to the Ukrainian population,’’ mayor König Jerlmyr stated.

The conflict in Ukraine has resulted in civilian casualties and the destruction of civilian infrastructure, forcing people to flee their homes in search of safety, protection, and assistance. According to UNHCR, over four million Ukrainian refugees crossed borders into neighboring countries in the first five weeks, and many more have been forced to relocate within the country. (photo credit: Pixabay)