Munich and Vienna partnered up to achieve climate neutrality as soon as possible


Earlier last week, mayor of Munich Dieter Reiter and Vienna’s City Councilor for Finance and Economics Peter Hanke, along with their municipal energy suppliers, have reached an agreement on close cooperation at an operational and political-strategic level in the spheres of digitalization and geothermal energy. 

Eurostat 2020 reports states that Austria ranks fifth in statistics that gather data about the share of renewable energy sources in the total gross energy consumption of a country.

City Councilor for Economic Affairs Peter Hanke said: “There is a clear way how we can counteract the current challenges: We have to reduce our CO2 emissions! With the end of fossil fuels, efficient alternatives are increasingly becoming the focus of activities. Such alternatives are crucial for the long-term successful implementation of the energy transition in all sectors and for climate protection”.

Mayor of Munich Dieter Reiter stated: “Munich wants to be the first major city in Germany to replace fossil fuels with renewable energies across the board. Because the combustion of natural gas and heating oil is currently one of the biggest causes of the greenhouse gas emissions occurring here. And the current global political situation shows how important this changeover is, and not just from an ecological point of view.”

All the cities across European Union are taking extremely seriously into account the achievement of climate neutrality by 2050. Vienna wants to achieve it by 2040, while the city of Munich wants to succeed in it even earlier, by 2035.

However, it is obvious that the approaches towards this transition need to be innovative and transformative. Besides the generation of electricity, the conversion of the heating systems to renewable heat sources is equally important.  A Tagesspiegel report states that geothermal energy is to take over the majority of the district heating supply in the Munich area. by 2040. (photo credit: Federico Beccari/Unsplash)