Mayor Šimašius attended the Baltic Pride in Vilnius


The Lithuanian capital Vilnius hosted the Baltic Pride 2022, a yearly event that alternates between the capitals of the three Baltic nations.

The March for Equality and Peace, which is the major attraction of this festive event, was attended by mayor of Vilnius Remigijus Šimašius and mayor of Oslo Marianne Borgen, FTN News reported.

The event was held between May 31 and June 4, and was hosted by the Lithuanian capital for the fifth time. Mayor Šimašius stressed that the city has experienced a significant change and is continually improving and becoming more open.

“Vilnius promotes the freedom for everyone to be who they are. The city and its residents have developed a strong sense of tolerance and respect for each other. This festival and the rainbow colors adorning its streets today symbolize both the city’s support to different communities and the perseverance to fight for equal rights,” mayor Šimašius stated.

Mayor of Oslo Marianne Borgen also attended the event which, aside from the March for Equality and Peace, also included a series of conferences, workshops, exhibitions and other similar events.

Mayor Borgen stated on social media: ‘’Great experience to participate in Baltic Pride on behalf of Oslo. Vilnius and Oslo work together to strengthen LGBT + rights, and Human Rights. Great interest in strengthening this cooperation, which was discussed in my meeting with the Mayor of Vilnius.’’

Vladimir Simonko, Executive Director of the National LGBT+ rights organization Lithuanian Gay League, stated: ‘’“I am proud of what we achieved today with the help of Vilnius City Municipality. The support of the city is instrumental in creating a safe and empowering space for the local LGBT+ community. Not only on this wonderful Pride Day but also every day.’’ (photo credit: rawpixel. com/Freepik)