Mayor Ludwig points out cities’ critical role in tackling global challenges


Mayor of Vienna Michael Ludwig pointed out that cities will continue to play a critical role in the future of the European Union, because most significant challenges that our modern societies are faced with are being tackled primarily in cities.

Mayor Ludwig stated on social media: ‘’For me, the city is the political player of the future. I never get tired of pointing out that the future of the European Union lies in the cities. As responsible politicians (mayors) in cities, we are confronted with the most diverse challenges on a daily basis.’’

According to Eurostat, more than half of the world’s population lives in cities, and they continue to draw a growing number of people looking for work opportunities and higher standard of living. 

Cities are typically regarded as economic growth hubs, with opportunities for research, innovation, and employment, and featuring high levels of technological progress. All of that makes cities valuable actors which must play a part in solving a growing number of issues that today’s rapidly growing world is facing.

‘’We as cities are laboratories for the societal, economic, social and ecological challenges of the future. We are confronted with the demographic question just as much as with digitalisation and climate change,’’ Mayor Ludwig also stated. ‘’The urban space, the urban structure, has to react and act differently here than in rural areas,’’ he continued.

The cities of tomorrow must be able to address a range of different topics including inequality, environmental issues, safety, or closing the gender gap, in order to secure a better future for all their residents. (photo credit: Bild: APA/GEORG HOCHMUTH)