Mayor König Jerlmyr highlights Stockholm’s climate achievements in Brussels


The Swedish capital Stockholm is known for some of the most ambitious climate initiatives in Europe and beyond. In the recent past, the city has managed to achieve numerous milestones and position itself as one of the European leaders against climate change.

Mayor of Stockholm Anna König Jerlmyr stated on social media: ‘’Since 1990, Stockholm has reduced emissions by 60% while increasing growth and prosperity. With this in mind, I went to Brussels to make it clear that cities like Stockholm are needed in Europe’s green transition. But also, that when electrification reaches countries like Poland, it must be built on fossil-free fuels and the EU can help.’’

Mayor König Jerlmyr stated she was proud of all achievements which Stockholm managed to achieve in the recent past. It has launched an electrification pact in which it is collaborating with industry to facilitate and accelerate the electrification of the transportation sector in order to achieve the goal of a zero-emission inner city.

Furthermore, the city also launched a collaboration with the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to develop air quality sensors that measure particulate matter, temperature, noise, and other parameters in real-time.

‘’Smart innovations like the electrification of both heavy and passenger transport mean new jobs, export opportunities, and reduced emissions. Cities like Stockholm and Skellefteå will both benefit from this transition as jobs and investments increase in both places. This is how we create a coherent policy that brings hope for the future to many parts of the country,’’ mayor König Jerlmyr further stated.

In addition, Stockholm also started capturing carbon dioxide via an advanced pilot plant. According to the Stockholm mayor, it is one of the ways to help the city move from reduced emissions to zero emissions. There are also plans for a full-scale plant in 2025. (photo credit: vectorjuice/Freepik)