“Hang your rent”: an excellent and unusual marketing campaign from Lisbon

A local supermarket at Lisbon executed an unusual marketing campaign named “Hang your rent“. Associação do Património e da População de Alfama (APPA), a local association, selected families who could most use the financial help and the local store paid them for hanging clothes with their slogans and current promotions. Each week, 10 different families hung Minipreço’s promotions out to dry over the streets.

“At the end of the month, each family would earn approximately €210 for each clothesline and some families had more than one,” explains  Nuno Cardoso to Muse. “This may not seem like much, but because we are talking about people who live from small pensions or government aid, in some cases we actually doubled their monthly income.”

“Hang Your Rent” generated over 3.6 million impressions and raised 450,000€ in earned media. It appeared across all major Portuguese news network, and received two-minute coverage on the biggest TV channel, TVI. Portugal’s largest print firm, Público, devoted a cover story to it in its No. 4 newspaper, Jornal I, reports Musebycl.

Because of a huge number Airbnbs in the last few years, residents got pushed out of the city center. In four years, the number of Airbnbs rose 4,000 percent, raising rent prices by over 40 percent. Therefore, the mayor of Lisbon, Fernando Medina, set a limit on the number of Airbnbs that were allowed by building and by neighborhood, and is creating ‘low rent’ programs.

Photo Steffen Zimmermann/Pixabay