Gothenburg’s investment in welfare

The Mayor of Gothenburg Axel Josefson does not think that money that the government promises to invest in Gothenburg’s welfare will not be enough.

The government promises a historic investment in welfare: about SEK 600 million (€ 57,641,700) of the new money to land in Gothenburg.

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and Annie Lööf presented an initiative with more money for municipalities and regions, where parts were specifically aimed at strengthening care for the elderly.

About SEK 600 million (€ 57,641,700) from the insured money is intended to land in Gothenburg. This corresponds to approximately two percent of the municipality’s total budget.

  • SEK 392 million (€37,632,392) is a generally targeted addition for 2021. This can be seen as compensation for the declining tax revenues that are expected as a result of the corona pandemic.
  • SEK 169 million (€ 16,224,169) is targeted to permanent support for elderly care.
  • SEK 78 million is (€ 7,488,078) added to the previously presented investment in care for the elderly.

The Mayor Axel Josefson says that the state’s pushing for more money is positive, which is something he has asked for, but he would have preferred the amount to have been larger and to see that the municipalities can direct general grants where they do the most good since the conditions differ between municipalities.