Two decrees for restoration works in Venice and the Islands signed by the Commissioner for High Water


Mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro and the commissioner delegated for the emergency regarding high water in November 2019, yesterday signed two decrees approving the final projects of works relating to the second part of the emergency plan, for a total amount of 530.628,02 euros.

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“Specifically”, explains Luigi Brugnaro, “these are the decrees n. 58 and 59 which firstly concern urgent works to restore the bank subsidence of the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, including the works relating to the dock of the Cini Foundation and, secondly, interventions to make safety and restore the functionality of Palazzo Soranzo Cappello. Works that will see as the implementing body, in the first case, the Interregional Supevisory for Public Works for Veneto, Trentino Alto Adige and Friuli Venezia Giulia and, in the second, the Supervisory of Archeology, Fine Arts and Landscape for the Metropolitan area of ​​Venice and the Provinces of Belluno, Padua and Treviso. These are, therefore, further works that are added to those already carried out with the first loan amount equal to over 16,2 million euros and the other 40.7 million euros of works already contracted for the second phase: continuous, timely, precise interventions with which we want not only to fix the damage caused by high water but, above all, to ensure to safety the city “.

To be more specific, with the first decree, 469,700 euros will be invested to finance the project concerning the structural and functional restoration of a part of the eastern margin of the Island of San Giorgio, severely damaged by the exceptional tide event of 12 November 2019. The project is aimed at the static and functional restoration of the stretch in front of the Ex Convitto and Auditorium buildings (ex Squero) including the relative slipway for hauling and launching the boats, now no longer in use, and the stretch of shore between the two buildings, which was particularly devastated by the fury of the waters causing the almost total collapse of the bank wall. The intervention will be carried out in compliance with the alignments, the construction type and the original materials, conserving and recovering a good part of the crowning strip of the previous margin. The structure of the wall will be in reinforced concrete, set at an altitude of – 2.30 meters above sea level. The foundational base of the old wall, which has remained in place, will be preserved and incorporated into the new foundation structure.

The second decree, on the other hand, provides for the functional restoration and safety of Palazzo Soranzo Cappello, the Venetian headquarters of the Archaeological Supervisory of Fine Arts and Landscape, protected as a cultural asset and located in Rio Marin, for an amount of 60.928,02 euros. Following the high water on November 12, 2019, the Palace suffered extensive damage due to flooding on the ground floor, where the water level touched sixty centimeters. On this floor are located the control panels of all systems (electrical, heating/air conditioning, fire safety, anti-intrusion, lift, etc.) and the data network. The project therefore intends to restore the electrical and data voice systems, as well as restore the correct functioning of the archives.