Mayor Vallo: “Today, Bratislava is the most vaccinated city in Slovakia”

Changes to the Covid warning system have been officially approved by the Government of Slovakia and those are coming into force on Monday, August 16.

The system is now made of five colours: green, orange, red, dark red and black. The colour and respective measures will consider things such as the vaccination rate of people aged 50 and more. The alert system will now follow the regional rules, meaning that measures can differ within districts.

This means the following: if more than 65% of people aged 50+ are vaccinated in one district, it will reach a better colour, thus less strict measures will apply. If the vaccination rate of people aged 50+ is more than 75%, the district may improve for two colours in the Covid alert system.

Mayor of Bratislava Matúš Vallo stated via social media: “The government has approved a new form of Covid alert system. At the moment, I consider it very important that it follows the regional principle and that when determining the colour for individual districts, it also takes into account the degree of vaccination, especially in the category of seniors. With sufficient vaccination in this category, the colour of the district will be reduced by one degree.”

Mayor Vallo continued: “Today, Bratislava is the most vaccinated city in Slovakia, even among seniors. By being vaccinated, you decided to protect yourself and your loved ones. But at the same time, you have also contributed to the fact that, as a community, we can make life in our city more bearable even in difficult times, which are undoubtedly waiting for us. I thank each and every one of you for this decision!

Furthermore, mayor Vallo once again invited everyone who still did not get vaccinated to do it as soon as possible: “I would like to ask once again all the residents to be vaccinated. We still need to achieve a higher vaccination rate; we have set a target of 75%. The closer Bratislava gets to collective immunity, the faster we will be able to return to greater freedom.”


Photo credit: Martin Katler/Unsplash