Mayor’s support for Publishers and Bookstores

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Following the cancellation of the largest Croatian book fair – Zagreb’s Interliber, Mayor Milan Bandić met with representatives of the Association of Publishers and Bookstores led by President Slavko Kozina to agree on concrete moves and measures to help.

Publishers and booksellers are ready to respond to the challenges caused by the unfortunate cancellation of Interliber: from the Zagreb Fair, they moved their special sale to the website ( Such a quick reaction was made possible by the City of Zagreb with the amount of HRK 125,000 (approximately EUR17.000) spent on the development of an online platform with 126 bookstores, which in the future can still be used for online sales of books by all publishers in Croatia. This enabled citizens to buy numerous titles at affordable prices, but as Mr. Kozina pointed out, there is still a large income decrease for publishers and bookstores, which amounts to millions of kunas.
Therefore, it was agreed that the City of Zagreb will continue with the practice of co-financing the lease of Fair space for the next dates of Interliber, and measures to help publishers and booksellers will, among other things, include co-financing of advertising space for Zagreb posters. Considering that the guests pointed out the lack of bookstores in certain parts of the city, Mayor Bandić also instructed the competent heads for logistics and assistance to publishers in finding a solution to this problem.


The Mayor of Zagreb emphasized that investing in culture is one of the most important tasks of this city government, and added that it is especially important now, in these extraordinary conditions of the pandemic – because it is also an investment in the economy, given that 90% of publishing business in Croatia is right in Zagreb. Kozina thanked the mayor for his support, and reminded that the publishers have not forgotten the great help of the City of Zagreb during the exceptional publishing crisis in 2017.

“In these difficult times for all of us, when anxiety and frustration are widespread, the book is a unique product. Books heal and provide consolation”, concluded Kozina.

In addition to the Mayor, the meeting was attended by the Deputy Mayor Jelena Pavičić Vukičević, Head of the City Office for Property Management Zlatko Makar, Deputy Head of Culture Tedi Lušetić, Deputy Head of Economy, Energy and Environmental Protection Filip Ćurko and Head of the Zagreb Poster Holding Branch Bosiljka Grbašić.