Christmas in Vilnius: Amazing Wherever You Think It Is


Karolina Pansevič Paulius Jurgutis, the head of the Vilnius Cultural Center, spoke about the upcoming plans and changes in the capital. According to her, the most important thing in preparing for Christmas is the safety of Vilnius residents and guests of the capital. “We work hard to make Christmas in the capital not only beautiful and cozy, but also safe. The pandemic has not gone anywhere, so we need to keep the population safe, she said. “Therefore, we have decided that this year the Christmas town will not be concentrated in one place – the Cathedral Square, which has become a tradition.” 

The first thing you need to do at Vilnius Christmas Markets is admire the stunningly unique Christmas tree, not that you’ll miss it. Once you’ve seen this luminous delight you’ll forget all about the freezing -5C temperatures.

The Christmas town will be located in various places in the Old Town of the capital, in other words, the capital will become one big Christmas fair. P. Jurgutis mentioned that not only a festive fair will take place in Vilnius this year, but also a Christmas 3D fairy tale will be shown. Viewers will be able to see it on the walls of the Cathedral from December 25th through December 29th. Another winter pastime will be for those who like to spend time in an active way. An ice arena will be placed at the entrances to the White Bridge. It will operate under a temporarily constructed roof, as the arena will host sports and cultural events in addition to skating sessions, and such a construction will provide excellent protection against changing weather. There will also be grandstands and an outdoor café in the arena. The town was careful about the budget, therefore it is likely that this year the capital will be decorated the same as last year, and the reason for this decision is simple – the decorations were bought for several years to come. 

“Christmas in Vilnius: Amazing Wherever You Think Vilnius Is”

The city of Vilnius decided to throw a clever response back to all those wondering about its location in a Christmas tourism marketing campaign “Christmas in Vilnius: Amazing Wherever You Think It Is.”

The highlight of the campaign is a video, in which a Vilnius choir lightheartedly teases the future visitors that no, it is not in fact located in Austria, Iceland, or Italy, while the accompanying shots of the city prove it’s anything but forgettable.

Following the global success of its previous campaigns, Vilnius is ready to once again boost its visibility with a remake of the Christmas classic “Merry Christmas” and a cheeky tourism marketing video. Both the song and the video are a part of the Christmas campaign “Christmas in Vilnius: Amazing, Wherever You Think It Is” by Vilnius City and Go Vilnius, the official tourism and business development agency of Vilnius.  The campaign’s goal is for foreign visitors to discover the charms of the Lithuanian capital especially now during the holiday season.


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