Warsaw to plant 500 trees as part of infrastructure project aimed at improving traffic


Warsaw has started planting 500 trees in Syrokomla Street in November as part of an infrastructure project to improve road traffic.

Mayor of Warsaw Rafał Trzaskowski pointed out that the city administration is dedicated to making Warsaw greener, reminding that roughly 500,000 new trees were planted since he took office.

He added that Warsaw will build green corridors by planting rows of trees along the streets and pointed out that the city was the first in Poland to join the EU programme Green Cities.

The Warsaw Metro already planted 200 trees to add to the 300 that were already in Syrokomla Street, with city authorities pointing out that the additional 500 will turn the street into an “Avenue of a Thousand Trees.”

Besides trees, Warsaw authorities are planning to plant approximately 100,000 shrubs, vines and perennials as well as a meadow of roughly 4,000 square metres.

Warsaw pointed out that the planting has been moved back due to unexpectedly high temperatures in October, noting that the average monthly temperature exceeded the norm by 2.5°C. Since temperatures were higher than usual, trees did not enter winter dormancy, which is why October planting was not an optimal solution.

City authorities pointed out that a wide range of species will be planted, including ashes, maples, cherries, chestnuts, lindens and apples, among other.