Warsaw expands its rolling stock with 123 new energy-efficient low-floor trams


Warsaw is buying energy-efficient low-floor trams, with 50 such trams arriving from Hyundai Rotem in November.

City authorities headed by Mayor of Warsaw RafaƂ Trzaskowski pointed out that the trams are more energy-efficient than similar low-floor trams bought several years ago.

The city plans to expand its rolling stock with 123 such trams by the end of next year, noting that 33 Hyundai Rotem trams are already carrying passengers in Warsaw.

An additional 17 are currently being tested before they are allowed to join the operating fleet, with city authorities pointing out that testing includes driving the new trams for roughly 2,500 kilometres.

The new trams are nearly 33 metres long and can carry up to 240 passengers. Warsaw authorities pointed out that the trams were tailor-made for the city’s network and added that tram drivers took part in the design process.

While the trams are made by a Korean company, roughly 60% of components were made in Poland and the EU more broadly.

After all 123 new trams are delivered, Warsaw will have the largest fleet of low-floor trams in Poland. The city currently has 370 such trams, about 65% of Warsaw’s rolling stock, which will rise to approximately 75% after the final deliveries from Hyundai Rotem.

Warsaw authorities pointed out that new trams are more suitable for seniors, people with disabilities and carers with small children.