Warsaw awards scolarships to 115 gifted high school students


Warsaw granted 115 scholarships to gifted secondary school students as part of the 15th iteration of its Sapere Auso scholarship programme.

Under Mayor of Warsaw Rafał Trzaskowski, the city spent more than EUR 90,000 on this year’s programme aimed at helping gifted students in pursuit of knowledge.

Warsaw pointed out that the programme aims to reward students for their outstanding achievements, noting that many are focused on a particular field, which makes it more difficult for them to achieve high grades across the board.

The city stressed that scholarships are awarded not only for high grade averages, but also for scientific and creative achievements as well as activism.

In the period between 2008 and 2022, Warsaw granted more than 2,800 scholarships under the programme worth more than EUR 1 million.

Deputy Mayor of Warsaw Renata Kaznowska congratulated the winners on their commitment, dedication and persistence in the pursuit of their goals.

“I am proud you represent Warsaw in such large numbers both domestically and internationally,” she stressed.

Kaznowska reminded that Sapere Auso is the motto of the medal established by Polish King Stanisław II August, which means “to the one who dares to be wise” in Latin.

Scholarship winners include laureates of national and international competitions, authors of research projects, application designers and more.

(Photo credit: Paweł Dąbrowski / Warsaw(