Turin’s green revolution continues

The Mayor of Turin Chiara Appendino answering to her critics is determined: „The green revolution of the city continues”.

Responding to an editorial that appeared last week on the pages of La Stampa Turin, where the mobility policies of the Municipality of Turin were criticized, in particular for having dissatisfied all users: cyclists, motorists, pedestrians, passengers of public transport, the mayor intervenes to reiterate that the administration’s line will not change: „We promised green revolution during the election campaign and we did it, proud to have obtained a decisive change of approach regarding public spaces and mobility in the city”.

The mayor presented the vindication of what has been done so far:

  • 150 new buses are put on the road and 100 new electric buses are coming
  • the 70 new trams „already purchased and already under construction“,
  • governmental allocation of one billion for metro 2,
  • 50% more cycle paths: we go from 200 km to about 300 km

Also, the new pedestrianization (five permanent and eleven experimental), and the twenty thousand trees planted. Mayor Appendino explains that the recipe for the green change „is long and requires a cultural opening, necessary to undermine old stereotypes. But Turin must continue to follow it, as shown by the data collected from 7 September to 7 October 2020, compared to the same period in 2019:

  • the flow of vehicular traffic has marked a -2%;
  • the passage of bicycles recorded a + 7%.

In her averment, she contested the editorial, as „full of clichés on cycle paths that would take away parking space, about pedestrianization that remove parking spaces and which, obviously, would increase traffic and pollution in the city.“ All things on which the mayor disagrees, repeating that what has been done so far is under discussion, as are the administration’s projects.

photo: facbook Città di Torino