European Urban Initiative launches at the 2023 Cities Forum in Turin


The Cities Forum 2023, Europe’s premier conference addressing urban policies in response to climate change and air pollution, took place this Thursday and Friday at the Ogr in Turin. The fifth biennial edition of this event served as an essential platform for fostering dialogue among representatives from European, national, and local institutions regarding sustainable urban development tools.

After two days of engaging discussions, the Cities Forum 2023 concluded, having united experts, policymakers, and city leaders to deliberate on common objectives and strategies for tackling the unparalleled challenges faced by urban environments. European Commission Vice President Frans Timmermans delivered a keynote speech on the second day, further emphasizing the event’s significance and the role of European cities in addressing global challenges.

A key highlight of the Cities Forum 2023 was the official launch of the European Urban Initiative (EUI) by Commissioner Elisa Ferreira and Région Hauts-de-France Vice President Daniel Leca. The EUI seeks to integrate various policy learning instruments, building upon earlier work, such as the Urban Innovative Actions (UIA), in order to encourage innovation and enhance capacity and knowledge.

Commissioner Ferreira emphasized that the EUI unites an array of initiatives aimed at advancing urban development and sustainability. She underscored the significance of leveraging innovative and transferable projects, establishing a platform for knowledge-sharing and community-building, and creating capacity and knowledge-building opportunities for all cities.

Région Hauts-de-France Vice President Daniel Leca supported Ferreira’s views, highlighting the importance of cooperation and drawing inspiration from fellow European nations. He remarked, “We are always stronger when we work together, inventing the solutions of tomorrow and seeking inspiration from our European neighbors’ achievements.”