Stefano Lo Russo: environment expert, sports referee and professor


Stefano Lo Russo is an Italian politician who has been serving as mayor of Turin since October 2021.

Born in 1975 in Bologna, Stefano Lo Russo grew up in the Santa Rita neighborhood. At a young age, he started developing a passion for the environment, which encouraged him to pursue his education down that path. He enrolled into Polytechnic of Turin, where he studied geology. During his college years, he also developed a strong passion towards sports. 

He volunteered in several spheres, even in Latin America. Parallel to his academic development, he studied to become a sports referee.

After his graduation, Stefano Lo Russo started working as Researcher at Polytechnic of Turin. Later on, he reached the status of Professor of Applied Geology in 2014. 

This interest enabled Stefano Lo Russo to become a founding member of the Energy, Security and Transition Lab, also known as EST, where he currently holds board member position. This facility is also supported by the Energy Center of Turin. Parallel to his initiative in EST, he started his collaboration with the Scientific Committee of the GEAM Association.

With his growing desire to change his surroundings, Stefano Lo Russo started climbing the political ladder. His first notable position was councilor in the City Council of Turin in 2006. This was the basis for his further political development. Thanks to his successes, Lo Russo was re-elected for this position in 2011, and was named Town Planning Counselor. 

He ran for the position of mayor in municipal elections in 2021 which he won.

Since Turin will be hosting the Eurovision song contest in May 2022, mayor Lo Russo started extensive redevelopment of the city infrastructure. This will enable the city to support a massive influx of visitors and make Turin even more welcoming and attractive. (photo credit: wikimedia)